Empyrean is a shattered world.

For a thousand years I’ve watched the mist ebb away the foundations of Empyrean. You are not the first with hubris enough to believe you could undo the mistakes of the past, and I do not imagine that you shall be the last." — Kulbaht, Keeper of the Records

New_World.jpgNearly one thousand years ago, Grand Cornerstone, the root of the world, was destroyed in a terrible cataclysm. Some say it was a war between Eidolons. Others believe it was unrest amongst the spirits of Anima. Others still imagine that the Aether crept in through some tear in the fabric of reality, and began to devour everything.
The mist of Aether spread over the whole world, unraveling and consuming reality, until only an endless desert of blank, white infinity remained in its wake. Now, only a few tiny islands of existence remain in a sea of oblivion. These last few remaining realms are the final bastions of civilization and life. They too will soon fall, unless something is done to repair the ravages done to Grand Cornerstone.
Only five shards remain. Once found, Grand Cornerstone will be rebuilt and Empyrean will be regained. Who will unearth these five shards? What will their motivations be? Will they reconstruct Empyrean as it once was or will they finally destroy that which was lost?

Empyrean Regained

New world 4